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Kevin Kelly Print Finishers Ltd.

Kevin Kelly Print Finishers Ltd. was incorporated on the 5th March 2010. Operating from their 28,000 sq foot building in Unidare industrial estate on Jamestown Road in Finglas. Kevin Kelly brings an unequaled degree of knowledge and skills to the print Industry offering a wide range of print finishing services. With a large range of finishing equipment most tasks can be completed in house.

Kevin Kelly

Working in the print industry since 1976. Kevin Kelly served his time as a craftsman bookbinder in John F. Newman's. He qualified in 1980 after winning his fourth apprentice of the year and the Corn na Casca trophy in Bolton Street college of printing. He also came top of his class in the City and Guilds master craftsman certification in both Ireland and the UK in the same year. With his father Fergus he set up Fergus Kelly & Co. in 1981. He left Fergus Kelly's in 2006 and has worked in 3D imaging and graphic design in Graphic Arts manufacturing multilevel dies and 3D modeling.




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